It’s easy to stop climbing, to stop running, to stop soaring. But it doesn’t start in the body. It starts with the head and the heart. The heart endures one too many breaks, one too many healed scars, and it just can’t dream the way it once did. And the brain follows suit. It’s always been better about being the grownup of the two, dragging the heart down the road toward the responsible thing. And when the heart stops hoping, it’s hard to get it back in gear.

So complacency creeps up on us and exciting things just become frightening.


One thought on “Warmduscher

  1. This is somewhat profound, perhaps because it hit me right between the eyes with the reality of its truth or perhaps because you seem so young to grasp such realities. But then life comes with many nuances into each person’s space and God knows exactly what we need for refining doesn’t he. This hit me hard today because fear has stolen my sense of adventure and you put it into words. Now, to grab that thing by the tail and toss it to the winds of change because we are more than conquerors through Christ. Drag that heart, Oh mind, drag on! Thank you dear writer- thank you!


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