I have a love affair with the English language. Etymology fascinates me. I adore the way that words ebb and flow. How the perfect word can elevate a thought. How the variation and nuance of language can change everything.

But English can only take us so far. It has so many limitations and so many words that don’t exist that should. That’s where other languages can help.

Ella Frances Sanders wrote a book called “Lost in Translation” which is, to quote her words, “An illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world.” There are 52 of these words in this book. And there are 52 Saturdays left in this year.

Thus, dear reader, I shall be posting a drabble each Saturday using these words as the titles. I shall not define the words for you. I leave that to your sleuthing skills. It is my hope that as I attempt to create stories that the meaning behind these words will ring true.

Here’s to language and story. Welcome to the journey.


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